Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's Fun


It Really Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Today was such a fun day. My godson Valentino is staying with my family and I for the summer. He and my Uncle live in St. Marteen and since we don't get to see them often its been great to spend time with the little guy and see him growing up. I must say...he is quite adorable. We went outside this afternoon to paint pictures but as many things do when a 3 year old is involved it quickly turned messy haha. One quick swipe of his brush on my arm was all it took for an all out body painting session to occur. Valentino painted me and I painted him and the results can be seen above. We were both going for a tribal look haha. After spending a good portion of the afternoon painting with Valentino saying "this is great!" and "I love it!" the whole time we headed inside for a watermelon break...the perfect snack after a warm day outside. After that we made paper airplanes and took them outside to see how they flew. To cap the afternoon off we spent some time snuggling in my bed watching Batman cartoons (Tino's favorite) and before we knew it it was nap time. I love spending quality time with my godson and today is a day I'll remember forever. Have you created any great family memories lately?

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